the maasd UE blog

Hello and welcome.

This blog is a space for us all to share and comment on work.  It is only open to masters students on the MA in Architecture: Sustainability and Design at UEL.

  • Alan and Roland will use this space to share links and upload information about the course.  We will do this on a weekly basis, or more frequently
  • In return, you each must upload a piece of writing, drawing, photos or other work each week on your own blog.
  • Set up your blog and send us the link – publish as a public blog, not private.
  • To keep things neat, please all use the same appearance (piano black) in wordpress.
  • Your blog title should be in the format:
  • Be selective.  When you upload something, you are publishing it, so that we can all comment on it.  If it isn’t very good, we will say so.  Just because its a blog, doesn’t mean that its any less important than any other publishing format.
  • Use the widget so you can upload larger files

click on this link to download a routemap for the first semester: maasd UE routemap

Roland and Alan 2011