Final Report

It was good to see everyone making progress on Friday.  You now have about 3 weeks to go.  If you organise your work and time carefully, you should all be in good shape.  Between Christmas and the 1st January, each of you can upload one PDF of MAXIMUM 5 pages, selected from your draft report for feedback.

A few golden rules to remember for the final report:

1. Use the work that you’ve done through term: if it is directly relevant, put it in the report, otherwise put it in an appendix and refer to it where appropriate.  If you don’t submit it, you won’t get any credit for it.

2. Support your ideas with appropriate references and make it clear why those references are appropriate.  Use phrases like ‘according to the planner and historian Rasmussen….’.  Never rely on the internet as your primary source and don’t cut and paste internet images.  It doesn’t look good.

3. Use discursive writing techniques (ie. on the one hand… on the other hand…. etc.) to make it clear that you have considered both sides of the argument.  Nonetheless, you need to build an argument for your proposal, so you need a clear chain of logic, from context to proposal.

4. Take time out.  You can accomplish a lot in 3 weeks if you work hard and if you take short breaks.  Things will seem a lot clearer if you take a day off work and then go back to it again.  Ask a friend to read your work – it should be clear enough that anyone can understand what you are trying to do without you explaining it.

5. Write concisely.  You can probably explain your ideas mainly through photos and drawings with simple text that is to the point.  The 5,000 word guidance is a maximum limit.

6.  Make use of the resources we’ve provided you with.  They are all stored in the account.

7.  Enjoy yourself.  Each of you has developed your own ideas and are free to explore them in your own way.  But, remember to be self-critical; challenging yourself should also be enjoyable.

Good luck and we look forward to reading your final pieces.

Roland and Alan


Brief: writing your context

It is clear from those that have done it, that setting out the context is helping you to ground your proposals in reality and providing a framework for the rest of your report.  All of you must bring a print out of your context section tomorrow.  This is the last chance for feedback.


blog going public

This blog is going public, so other people can see what the course is all about.  As students, you are all ambassadors for the course and we would like to also keep your blogs linked as public blogs, however if you do not wish to make your blog public, please switch it to private now.   If you are happy for people to see your blog, please check it is set to public.