Here are the CA…

Here are the CAD files – I don’t know how long the link is available for.  It is 307mb… 



Thanks to Reuben I have CAD maps of your sites.  Unfortunately they are large files, but if you bring a laptop with you next week, I will bring my disk drive.  Please note it doesn’t work on macs…..


Evaluation for semester A

Please can you complete the surveys below to give us feedback on the course.   Feedback is extremely important in making sure the course meets student needs and it will only take you five minutes.

For urban ecology module (152.2):

For environmental architecture module (151.1):

For thesis module  (153):

Please complete these by 23rd January.


Roland and Alan

Welcome to Urban Ecology term two – LEED ND as a prism for the city

Welcome back to Masters students and I hope you’ve recovered from the exertions of submission.  No rest for the wicked, as the saying goes and so we start this Friday (13th) with the next work programme on the Urban Ecology module.  Your brief is published in the widget on the right hand side and we will talk through it on Friday.

Welcome also to 4th year students who are joining us for the first half of  the work, using LEED ND to analyse urban blocks in London.  They will then continue the work under the Environmental Architecture module to look at particular development sites and buildings.

Before we meet, it is worth familiarising yourself with the USGBC’s website.  They publish a suite of environmental standards in the US, including LEED ND and there are lots of resources on their site.  We’ll talk you through this on Friday, but take a look for yourself now.  Link on the right hand menu.

Jeremy Wood uses GPS to map his own trajectories through London


Roland and Alan