Brief two

Brief two is now uploaded in the box widget.  It describes the requirements for your individual report submission and we will discuss the development of your proposals after the meeting with Camden tomorrow.

Please note the adjustments to the timetable: next week (8th March) is a reading week and there is an academic review taking place which means there will not be any face-to-face teaching.  Instead you should upload some drawings to describe your proposals on your blogs for feedback.  The following week (15th March) we will hold a pechakucha style crit (see the brief).  Be warned, the discipline of pechakucha requires careful planning and practice.

There will then be one further tutorial session on the 22nd March before your submission date which is immediately after easter.  For this tutorial you should bring a first draft of your final report.  Please refer to the examples in the box widget for how to put your reports together and read the requirements in the brief carefully.  Also in the box is a sample marksheet.  This shows the criteria against which your report will be marked, so obviously it makes sense for you to think about these as you construct your report.  It is essential that you begin to put your report together in parallel with developing your ideas as both have to come together in the end.


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