LEED ND in Camden and individual reports

Hello.  Please find a new folder in the box widget with some good individual reports from past years, for inspiration.  The presentation at Camden is now confirmed as 9.30 on the 1st March and we will have a dry-run next week from 10am.  Please also be prepared to discuss a proposal for your individual report, with a photograph or two.

Roland and Alan



Today was an encouraging session.  Each of you have a clear topic and a method for investigating it.  Use the Pechakucha format to its best advantage and to focus your work.

You will find the documents we discussed in the box widget on the blog.  Please use the blog and upload your work ASAP, so we can share it with our guest critics.

Roland and Alan

Week one – Important information

Hi, welcome to the first week.  Please make sure you download the summary brief and brief one right away.

The reading list contains lots of references for you, but for Friday its important you start reading Anna Minton’s Ground Control and Georg Simmel’s The Metropolis and Mental Life, written in 1903 – you can read it online here

See you on friday.  Please don’t be late.  If any problems, email me.

Roland (and Alan)

Welcome to the Urban Ecology prototype

Hello and welcome to the urban ecology prototype – the first component of the urban ecology module on the MAASD course.

This term, we will be exploring the social nature of the urban environment and the importance of public space.  If you are about to start this course, or are interested in picking it for your theory route, please look at the references page and in the box.com widget (below right) for some readings.


occupy london, st pauls

Fascinating comparison between a city in Russia and a village in Wales.   I hope you all enjoyed and got plenty out of the density workshop.

Apologies for the lack of communication and brief this week, but this was due to illness.  I think you are all clear on the requirements tomorrow, so we will see you for a 10.30 start on the pechkakuchas.

Roland and Alan